About Lilith and Selene

At Lilith and Selene we aim to represent all sides of us as women - Lilith representing the most inner side of our personality and Selene representing the moon or the light in the dark. Often, as women, we are ashamed of certain aspects of ourselves, some of which we cannot change (and we shouldn't want to). Lilith and Selene, as a company, want to make all women feel beautiful and liberated in their own skin by providing jewellery that simply leaves you feeling just that.

Who is Selene?

Who is Selene? | Lilith and Selene

In Greek mythology, Selene is the Goddess of the moon. She would drive her chariot in the night sky while pulling the moon behind her.

Selene has the power to give sleep and to light the night. She has control over time, and like the moon itself, she is ever-changing. She is known for her personification of life’s constant changes.

This is why one half of our brand bares her name. As women, it’s important to embrace the changes of life, and those changes within ourselves. We often get pigeonholed as daughters, mothers, caregivers - while we can be those things, we can also be so much more.


Who is Lilith?

Who is Lilith? | Lilith and Selene


The origins of Lilith is a little hazy. Mythology says that she was Adam’s first wife, created the same way as him and therefore his equal. When Adam refused to see her as an equal, they went their separate ways.

In our eyes, she’s the original feminist (despite all the demon babies she apparently had). She represents all of the power inside of us as women that we need to proudly show to the world, yet told by society not to.

Lilith is the dark side of Selene’s shining moon - a side many of us keep hidden.

In astrology, the Dark Moon Lilith represents our relationship with letting go and sacrifices made in our lifetime. It shows where we question ourselves, our lives and our beliefs. It gives us the opportunity to “let go” of things that no longer serve us, without putting ego in the way.


Our Mission

We want our pieces to have a meaning to their wearers - whether you choose something because you love what the stone represents, or you just love the way it looks. Mixing vintage and modern and creating pieces that will last, at a fraction of the price of solid gold.

We want to use high quality materials and create affordable jewellery that is accessible to a number of different women. All our stones and designs have been chosen with a meaning and are created in a way that will help empower our wearers - whether that be from the meaning of the stones, or the beauty of the designs. Find out more about our materials here.

On this journey, we hope Lilith and Selene can help inspire you and light a spark within you that helps you embrace those changes of life, as well as accept every inch of who you are. 

As well as creating jewellery that will leave you feeling empowered with every wear, we are also committed to donating 10% of all profits to a range of women’s charities, so we can spread that empowerment that little bit further.


You can follow our journey over on Instagram at @lilithandselene


We are Lilith and Selene Limited (company number 13934361). 5 Thorncliffe Drive, Doncaster, DN7 5PX